A Message from our Principal

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website for The Sheffield Private School – TSPS.

TSPS, situated in the heart of Al Nahda, was founded in 2004. Over a 16-year period, Sheffield has made rapid progress in building up a strong community and education facility. This has been achieved through keeping the National Curriculum for England at the core, along with an inclusive admissions policy that gives national and expatriate students access to a unique, culturally relevant curriculum. We enhance student learning through an enriching extra-curricular programme, which provides opportunity for every child to succeed – known as the Ultra-Curriculum. And of course, fundamental to this, is the motivation and dedication of all our staff, students and parents.

Our vision is to make TSPS the leading affordable British style school in Dubai. In the FS phase, the education programme is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). In the Primary and Secondary phases, the syllabus closely follows the principles of the National Curriculum for England. From Years 10–13, the Senior Phase, our students are prepared for the internationally recognised qualifications from the University of Cambridge, Oxford AQA, Edexcel and BTEC at IGCSE, AS and A Level. These lay the foundation for further study at university, college or entry into the professions.

At TSPS, we aim to help every student develop academically, socially and emotionally, with the firm belief that each child is a unique individual, needing a secure and stimulating atmosphere to prosper. It is our desire as educators to assist students to meet their fullest potential by nurturing the family values of warmth and care. Our students have access to High Performance Learning, which is a research-based, pedagogy-led philosophy developed following many years of research into how successful people think and learn. It sees all students as potential high performers who are not limited by ability. Some may take longer to reach high performance, but most are capable of this over time. High Performance Learning makes the goal of ‘high performance’ the expectation for all students in the school and uses a unique teaching and learning framework to systematically grow minds and develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success. We aim for our students to ‘be the best that they can be’. It is this very quality that we aspire to foster in all our students, through all that they do and learn. At Sheffield Private School, our purpose is to transform ‘learners of today – leading tomorrow’.

Please do take the time to browse through this website, so that you can get a feel for the best features of the school – our strong outcomes in students’ academic and personal development, our care and support leading to a harmonious learning environment, our outstanding attention to health and safety and our very good partnerships with parents. There are exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing our continuing journey and our commitment to ‘succeeding together’.

Welcome to the Sheffield family!

Patricia Johnston