About Us

A message from the Principal: Recently we have been recognised by the DSIB and have been overall rated as a “GOOD” school with some VERY GOOD and OUTSTANDING features. We aim to continue in our journey to achieving OUTSTANDING, which we see as an achievable target considering all of current successes.

A significant proportion of our students achieve very high academic standards; as a result of our interventions and motivation. Students are continuing to surpass our expectations in their public examinations. In the recent TIMMS and PISA assessments we exceeded all of the targets that were set for the school, which places us in the ‘High International Benchmark’ banding thus stressing our commitment to ensuring our students excel. My staff are dedicated and determined to ensuring our students achieve their full potential. We welcome children from all backgrounds in an inclusive environment. We ensure that we provide provision, resources and appropriate curricular options so that they achieve their very best. We are committed to providing a high quality education for all.

At TSPS, we also provide opportunities for students to think beyond the classroom; we challenge them in numerous different environments and situations; develop their leadership and communication skills and encourage team work. Alongside academic achievements, we also promote high standards in our students sporting and extracurricular pursuits. We continue to compete successfully in many Inter-school and national competitions. Our Community Enrichment Program enables our students to contribute to initiatives both nationally and internationally.

Student Welfare at TSPS is a real strength. Our staff are always available to support any issues our students may have in their academic progress and attendance. Staff at TSPS liaise with parents and/or carers to support students with their studies. We are extremely proud of our close relationship with parents and the entire wider community. It is these relationships that have enabled us to make rapid and sustained improvements. We have evolved into a school where others are seeking inspiration in hope of mirroring our successes.