Riyad Rharmili, Head Boy

Action is the foundational key to all successPablo Picasso

I believe that every student has the potential to embark on the road to success if they are willing to take action. Yet, everyone needs a small push and a little motivation that soon begins to fuel their passion to learn and develop as students and as human beings. For the past 8 years the Sheffield Private School has provided this little “push” for me. 

Having become elected as the Head Boy for the academic year 2016-2017 meant that it was my turn to push the school forward. Since the start, our school leadership team has decided that consistency and determination is key, therefore we have stuck, to our corridor duties. Strangely enough, other than checking uniform, these duties have allowed us to develop bonds with the student body and become approachable leaders in our community.

During the course of the year, I have participated in numerous assemblies and gave several speeches, which have cultivated my confidence. TSPS has become more than just a school for me, it has become family. Thanks to its hard-working teachers, I have been given a fruitful education that will continue to both form and guide me in my life.

Thanks to TSPS I have been granted an abundance of memories that will never tarnish or fade.

Shahd Yasser, Head Girl

You may face lots of obstacles in your life, but don’t let this stop you from achieving what you are capable of.

Passion, persistence, commitment and gumption are just a handful of traits that this school has fostered and flourished within me for the past nine years. Undoubtedly, being a member of this community has benefited me in any many ways, because I have always been pushed to do my best and had been told: “to reach for the sky”, “never quit” and “that making mistakes is ok because it is proof that you are trying”. Apart from that, I had been given an array of (sports, educational, extracurricular and trip) opportunities and challenges, which had helped me grow, turn my weaknesses into strengths, allowed me to interact with other members of this school and make a difference internationally!

However, one of the most significant opportunities that had been offered to me and many before me was the chance to claim the prideful position of Head Girl. For a long time I have looked up to the generations of leaders before me and made it a goal of mine to follow in their footsteps. Not only that, but I was determined to bring along with me a renewed sense of vigor to leadership, teamwork and school as a whole. Being given this opportunity has allowed the fires of the passionate leader that had laid dormant within me to be rekindled and allowed me to experience teamwork and responsibility in its purest form.

Undeniably, this was going to be considerably challenging, taking into account the magnitude of things I had to juggle and complete at the same time. However, determination of being the voice of the student body, fulfilling their needs and becoming the backbone of the many diligent staff members has catalysed my ability to fulfill my duties and truly give back to this school. Of course I cannot forget the co-operative, friendly and motivating environment of this school that has made all of this possible!

Ultimately, my main goal is to become a helpful figure to those around me and to allow my actions to inspire the rest of the students to dream more, learn more and do more, and then I would have truly become the successful leader I always dreamt to be.


Tajik Rahmonbek, Deputy Head Boy

One should look upon their time in school and cherish all of the memories made, value the information learnt, and be thankful for the friendships they have earned. Personally, I have retained many marvellous memories of my time at The Sheffield Private School: the inter-school competitions and events; the final days of term where our dedication and perseverance were elucidated in our reports; and the trips to events where students (I amongst them) were given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of subject theory in real-world scenarios. This segues perfectly into my next point: information. In today’s world, information is the flame that illuminates the future and TSPS have been the ones to pass the torch on to me, educating me in a vast array of subjects and ensuring my future success. Undoubtedly, however, it is our friends that will serve as a reminder of our legacy in school and TSPS excels in this regard. It is a welcoming and compassionate community that has allowed for my teachers to become my mentors; my mentors to become my friends; and my friends to become my family and despite spending hours in their company, every moment away seems to be an ephemeral eternity. It is this sense of family that forms the foundation of TSPS’s identity which is a school in purpose and nature, but a home at heart and execution.

Shahad Arikat, Deputy Head Girl

I’ve had the pleasure of attending The Sheffield Private School for 8, awe-inspiring, years. I’ve been witness to countless Head Boy and Head Girl speeches and voting, and had the privilege of being left star truck and flaccid in the path they have left behind, (as they continue to stride onto the sidewalk to the next chapter of their lives).

Undoubtedly, this success is due to the hand in hand cooperation of our amazing Heads of Department/Years with the Leadership Team. Inconsequentially, catalysing The Sheffield Private School’s never-ending cycle of progression- due to the determination, drive and diligence of the entire student body. The leadership team offered me a solace filled haven away from my stressful school life; it allowed us all to accumulate ideas all for one common goal: the success of our school!

Moreover, I can proudly say (on behalf of all whom had a privilege to be a part of TSPS leadership team) that none of us took our positions for granted, and utilised whatever power we were given, to the best of our capability, for the benefit of the student body.

Always and forever.

For it’s not about having the title, but what we choose to do with the title. It’s not about the badge, but what possibilities it symbolises and it’s not about what I, as individual can do; but what we as a school can do together.

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