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Education should be accessible, and all community members should be able to benefit from high-quality education. Sheffield Private School operates a fair and transparent admissions process, with applicants to the school being accepted without selection based upon academic achievement or potential, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other possible form of discrimination. Places are offered based on the previous school report and, where applicable, the results of the assessment conducted at TSPS.

If an assessment is required, this will be arranged as soon as possible after the application form and supporting documentation has been received. In this case, an email will be sent with the assessment date for your child(ren).

All our assessments are age appropriate and are designed to help explore your child’s strengths and personal qualities, readiness and ability to access our curriculum. The information from the assessment enables us to best support your child and gives information to teachers prior to your child starting in school.

The school has high expectations of all its students and good behaviour is an inherent part of these expectations. As part of the assessment process, the school will look at previous school reports and may ask for a report on behaviour from that school. For applications to Year 12, there will also be an interview with the Head of Sixth Form.

The readiness assessment will also provide us with key information in relation to your child’s ability to socialize with children and adults and the way they interact with their surroundings.  Young learners will experience challenges, but we are here to support that with your help.