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This online application form is provided to assist parents/guardians with the Admission Application process.

All information collected here are securely stored and shared with admission officer at the school.

Please note that, completion and successful submission of this form doesn't guarantee a seat / admission to school. All admissions are subject to applicable admission policies of the school.

Please read the detailed terms & conditions and applicable policies here.

Application Details

Prospective Student Details

(as per passport)
(as per passport)

Knowledge of English

If English is not your child's first language, how would you describe your child's knowledge of English
If Yes, Please give their details below

Children Attending Sheffield Private School

If Yes, Please mention name of student and year he left Sheffield School

Children Who Had Attended The Sheffield Private School

Present School Information

If UAE, please name the Emirate

Please List All Previous Schools

Parent / Gurdian Information (Primary Contact)

Parent / Gurdian Information (Secondary Contact)

Additional Information

(e.g. Deceased parent/divorced/seperated/adopted/others)

Thank your for completing the application form. Go ahead and press the submit button below.

Also note, all students are subject to the school's placement test and this is designed primarily to ensure that the teaching and curriculum offered match the pupil's needs. The Head of School is able to offer places in the school on the basis of recept school reports coupled with good entry profile and other supporting information provided by the parents.

NOTE: Following documents (as applicable) are also required to complete this application process,

  • Two photocopies of student’s valid passport
  • Two photocopies of student’s valid residence visa
  • Two photocopies of student’s valid Emirates ID
  • Two photocopies of student’s Attested Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Six recent passport sized photographs of student
  • Two photocopies of the original school reports for the current and previous academic year School Report and Final term report (for FS2 onwards)
  • One copy of student’s vaccination record
  • Original Transfer Certificate (fully attested, if applicable, as per UAE KHDA requirements)
  • A Letter of Good Conduct from the previous school (from Year 1 onwards) (Compulsory)
  • Continuation Certificate (for Year 1 onwards) (Compulsory)
  • One copy of Father’s and Mother’s passport and valid residence visa
  • One copy of Father’s and Mother’s valid Emirates ID
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