The Britus Education enrichment model promotes learning  beyond the curriculum through specifically designed engagement activities, with parents, students, local and international organisations, universities, and partner schools, local and international communities. Volunteering opportunities, internships and entrepreneurship programmes with the help and support of all stake holders is an important part of our engagement portfolio.

Community Work

Engaging students with the wider community allows them to explore and develop their social intelligence. A student who volunteers within school and for events outside school learns to manage time, develop leadership skills, enhance emotional intelligence and develop a broader perspective in life. Exposure to community work starts early in the primary years through local community trips such as clean-up drives and old age home visits (elderly support) and through secondary broadens into volunteering for charity drives, in-school community work and for parent-led events such as the annual carnival, ‘The Family Fun Day’, to participating in the annual international community trip to various countries where students engage in infrastructural building, donating books and clothes and also supporting local communities through their schools and hospitals.