Committed to Inclusion for all Students

TSPS is highly committed to inclusive education and admits students with a variety of needs including those who are gifted and talented, special educational needs, or have physical, emotional, social, cultural or language challenges.  For further information about the Admissions process please refer to the Admissions section. 


The Sheffield Private School works in line with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017) and incorporate guidelines and working practices in line with the laws and legislations such as the :

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol, Federal Law No. (29) of 2006 concerning the Rights of People of Determination.

Law No. (2) of 2014 concerning the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai.

Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2017 Regulating Private Schools in the Emirate of Dubai.

General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (Public & Private Schools) as well as the SEND Code of Practice (UK, 2015).

Identification of Need
Early identification and intervention is the key to providing high quality support. The team at TSPS seeks to identify the presence and impact of barriers to successful social, emotional and academic inclusion and success.  We will continuously address and remove any barriers found for all students. We used a range of standardised assessment tools to identify needs and put interventions in place.

High Quality Differentiation
Teachers will provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students and provide materials appropriate to children’s interests and abilities. This ensures that all students have full access to the school curriculum.

Social and Emotional Developmental Milestones
Children grow at their own pace. Some skip developmental milestones and advance earlier while others move slowly towards mastering essential life skills. The inclusion team creates a Behaviour Intervention Plan in collaboration with all personnel responsible for the child’s development including the parents and any external specialist providers to support the child with all the non-academic (Behavioural, Emotional, Developmental and Social) needs.

Parents are vital to the progress of a student and in partnership with the school; as such communication is continuous.  TSPS has regular parent consultations, both individual and group, parent meetings, and a comprehensive reporting cycle.  Parents are encouraged to work collaboratively with the school community to remove social barriers.

Inclusion Support Team
TSPS has a whole school community approach which is led by an Inclusion Support Team which comprises the Principal, Head of Inclusion, Senior Leader, Inclusion Governor, Counsellor,  Learning Support Teachers and a student and parent representative.

If you are the parent of a student with any additional needs, or who may be having barriers to learning please do contact the Head of Inclusion directly.  Contact details are below.

Stephy Abraham
Head of Inclusion

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“Inclusive education is not a project or an initiative. It is the progressive development of attitudes, behaviours, systems and beliefs that enable inclusive education to become a norm that underpins school culture and is reflected in the everyday life of the school community.”

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework.