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High performance Learning

Learn about High Performance Learning with TSPS

High Performance Learning is a research-based, pedagogy-led philosophy developed following many years of research into how successful people think and learn. It sees all students as potential high performers who are capable of limitless success. Some may take longer to reach high performance, but most are capable of this over time.  High Performance Learning makes the goal of high performance the expectation for all students in the school and uses a unique teaching and learning framework to systematically grow minds and develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes, and attributes needed to reach success.

The Sheffield Private School is committed to developing the skills and attributes that enable students to learn how to become High Performance Learners.  Each lesson taught at TSPS is planned to not only teach specific subject related content and skills, but to also focus on developing the Values, Attitudes, and Attributes along with the Advanced Cognitive Performance Indicators, that students need to understand and use to have limitless high performing success.

TSPS is pleased to have joined a growing body of premier schools worldwide in introducing High Performance Learning into their learning communities.  The upskilling of students to enable them to become more effective global citizens into today’s fast changing world has never been more important. In addition, High Performance Learning at TSPS has created a dynamic within our teaching team that is empowering our teachers to become better at their profession.  Our focus at TSPS has always been to not only focus on the education of our students, but also enhance and support the professional development of our teaching staff.  TSPS is proud of the young dynamic new educational leaders that High Performance Learning is creating among its teaching staff, which is good for their ongoing careers but also for the education of your child.

The HPL approach is described in the books High Performance Learning – How to Become a World Class School (Deborah Eyre, Routledge, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1138940130) and Great Minds and How to Grow Them (Wendy Berliner and Deborah Eyre, Routledge, 2018, ISBN: 978-1138284609).

For more information about HPL please look at their website  www.highperformancelearning.co.uk