Meet our Team

Mr James Batts –Principal

As a school leader, Mr James’ vision is to support students to ‘be the best they can be’ becoming more globally competent and resilient learners. This is the philosophy that drives his core purpose in seeking ways to innovate learning and student support, in order to improve student outcomes. Inspiring the next generation and being able to effect a visible impact on a child’s life is a great responsibility and he wants to create an environment which supports a child to enjoy learning, feel safe and inspired enough to have the confidence to ‘think big’ and ask those burning questions.

Ultimately, Mr James hopes to create a provision that enables students to be happy learners, develop global competencies and, of course, achieve the best results or outcomes possible. Improving school provision can only be achieved through collaborating with all stakeholders and remaining resilient, which is a skill he hopes we can develop in all our students.

Mr James is passionate about making a real difference, developing strong values and providing professional and highly effective leadership. He has significant experience with innovating provision, helping schools gain international accreditation and supporting schools to get to the next level, which will add significant value to the TSPS community and help all our students succeed.

Ms Praveena Sudheer – Vice Principal and Head of Secondary

An A Level physics teacher by training and with sixteen years teaching experience, Ms Praveena Sudheer joined TSPS from in Abu Dhabi where she headed the Science department in creating the AI curriculum for Abu Dhabi Ministry of Education.

With a BSc in physics, a BEd and a Masters degree, Ms Praveena was previously Head of Sixth Form at Al Diyafah High School in Dubai, a post she held for nine years.  During her tenure, the Sixth Form moved to ‘outstanding’ in the KHDA inspections.

Ms Praveena is particularly adept at guiding and mentoring students as they journey through the Secondary and also has specific expertise in careers counselling for university admissions.  She brings great experience of community engagement programmes which provided opportunities for student participation.   TSPS students all feel the benefit of her experience and guidance.

Mr David Goodwin – Vice Principal and Head of Primary

Initially a Chemist by training, Mr David undertook a PGCE and began teaching chemistry. Very quickly, he realised that he had found his true vocation and that what he most wanted was to work more directly with people and to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Knowing that he has the privilege to be responsible for the education of the next generation of global citizens and potential global leaders continues to motivate him.

His teaching and school leadership experiences extend across the UK maintained and private sectors, preparatory, primary and secondary phases, and eleven years leading schools internationally. These skills and knowledge will be of huge benefit to TSPS. Mr David firmly believes that schools need wise, creative, and knowledgeable school leaders and hopes that his achievements in leading his previous schools and passion for Primary education will also bring confidence in his leadership of the Primary school for TSPS parents.


Ms Stephy Abraham – Head of Inclusion.

Ms Stephy Abraham joined TSPS from Arab Unity School where she had been Head of Inclusion for four years.
Ms Stephy brings great experience in her field. She has been a Head of Inclusion in schools for the past eight years. Prior to that she worked in an educational organisation providing support to families with children of determination.
With a BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology, she is also a fully licensed psychologist and registered behaviour therapist. She has particular expertise in behaviour management strategies and intervention skills.
With an interest and passion for additional educational needs, she has worked with numerous special and mainstream schools to support learners with a range of additional needs. By creating a fully inclusive setting, Ms Stephy aims to establish TSPS as a Center of Excellence for the education of students with determination. Her goal is to provide each and every student at Sheffield with a well-rounded and personalised education which will eventually open doors for a happy and successful future.

Grace Aluoka – Head of Pastoral Care

Ms Grace Aluoka is the Head of Pastoral Care here at TSPS. She has been in the school over ten years and bring great experience in the care and support of students. She holds a BA in Arts and has also completed a leadership Training (NPQSL).  Ms Grace is our Safeguarding Lead and holds an advanced qualification for Child Protection and Safeguarding.   She is committed to the development and support of effective behaviour management and rewards systems.  A leader with respect for the views of parents, and an appreciation for the importance of parental engagement and participation in students’ emotional development she is also committed to excellence and  maximising of academic and personal achievement for all students. Ms Grace has the ability to foster effective relationships with students, parents and all stakeholders providing invaluable support to the school community.

Ms Nancy Hassan – Head of Arabic and Islamic

Ms Nancy Hassan joined TSPS from Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park where she was Head of Arabic and Islamic for five years. Prior to that she was at Gems World Academy. She graduated from Ain Shams University in Egypt with a degree in Arabic literature and has been awarded the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL).

Ms Nancy brings a wealth of experience in teaching and learning, curriculum adaptation and strategic school leadership. She was an integral part of the Senior Leadership Team at her previous school. Prior to this role, Ms Nancy was Head of Arabic and Arabic teacher at different international schools in both Dubai and Egypt for the past 15 years.

Nancy is passionate about developing not only a high academic standard in Arabic language but also the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum that allows us to mold the type of learners the world needs. She aims to continue to foster a forward-thinking school environment based on her core values of respect, integrity, tenacity and citizenship. At the heart of all education is the student and despite the many changes to the world, this will always remain the focus of any strong educational practice.

Ms Caroline Pinto  Primary Coordinator

Starting off initially as cover teacher after graduating from university, Ms Caroline soon realised that teaching young children was her passion and it has remained so for the past 25 years.

After working for the first five years in Goa, India, and learning some of the best role models, Ms Caroline moved to the UAE which she now calls ‘home away from home’. She initially taught as an English teacher supporting students to develop their linguistic expression. Since then, Ms Caroline has taken on various roles in schools across Dubai – right from being a class teacher to Head of Year, going on to challenge herself with the dual responsibility of a Primary Head of English and Key Stage Lead which finally led to being the Primary Coordinator and EAL lead at the Sheffield Private School. As a member of the senior leadership team, she has successfully contributed to the development of whole school actions plans that have resulted the school securing a top rating for the Dubai wide Distance Learning audit held last year.

Each day at school, Ms Caroline encourages children to express themselves as potential high performers who are not limited by ‘ability’ but instead are self-advocates and managers of their learning.


Sue Cook – Secondary Coordinator

After a varied career incorporating work in charity fundraising, sales, theatre and journalism, Ms Sue moved into teaching after a short spell as a TA. Completing her PGCSE in the UK, she started teaching at the age of 40, first of all teaching in primary schools. Realising her love for English Literature and Drama was her driving force, she made the move to Secondary teaching and never looked back. As an English teacher in a range of challenging schools in the UK, she took on roles as Transition coordinator and Head of English.  Wanting to branch out further, she moved internationally and joined St George’s School, Seville, Spain. At various points she was Head of Key Stage Three, Four and Five and even, for two terms, Acting Head. She nourished her love of Drama by organising and directing school productions, to great success.

Sue took on the role of Head of English at TSPS in September and has since been promoted to Secondary Coordinator providing support and guidance to all our secondary students.