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Roger Hancock


Welcome to The Sheffield Private School.

I am Roger Hancock, the Principal of the school and It is my pleasure to share with you our vision for the school and how we aim to ensure that all students are safe, happy, and successful.

At TSPS we have a team of passionate and well qualified teachers and support staff who share a clear vision that builds on the Britus mission and our belief of learning without limits. We want all our students to achieve the very best possible academic outcomes but also to grow as valuable members of our learning community, supporting each other to succeed and developing as the next generation of leaders here in Dubai. TSPS was founded in 2004 and, over a 17-year period, Sheffield has built a strong reputation for delivering a high quality, fully inclusive education in the heart of Dubai. As one of Britus Education’s premium schools, we ascribe to a core set of values that define us all: Balance Compassion & Happiness Respect Empathy & Appreciation Integrity Honesty & Fairness Tolerance Open Mindedness & Resilience Uniqueness Learning & Wisdom Success Achievement & Determination
As one of the best schools in Dubai, we firmly believe that each child is a unique individual, needing a secure and stimulating atmosphere to prosper. It is our desire as educators to assist students to meet their fullest potential by nurturing the family values of warmth and care. I feel honoured to be leading The Sheffield Private School and genuinely feel there are exciting times ahead. Please drop in for a visit or book a tour of the school and see what makes the Sheffield Private School such a special place to learn. Regards, Roger Hancock Principal TSPS