Ready to Learn

A Webinar with Patricia Johnston, TSPS Principal in discussion with Mr. Mark Whitfield, Education Director, Britus Education

Ready to Learn

A TSPS Webinar

Recognising that COVID 19 is likely to continue to impact school operations into the new academic year, The Sheffield Private School is working diligently to ensure all our students will have access to the best learning experience. The principal, Patricia Johnson, is working closely with school colleagues and the KHDA to develop learning that is both safe and successful. The Sheffield Private School is looking at ways to give students a personalized and blended learning experience. Combining face-to-face instruction with online learning is an effective education strategy, this webinar will provide parents with a deeper understanding of the approach the school will take, reassuring parents that what the school offers will be safe, inclusive and flexible.

Join Patricia Johnson and her leadership team, in discussion with Mark Whitfield, Education Director, Britus Education, exploring and explaining how The Sheffield Private School will be ready to welcome learners in September and ready to facilitate great learning.

The webinar will take place at 6pm on 27th July 2020, all are welcome to attend.

Click the link below to register to attend the webinar.