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The Secondary School (Years 7 to 13)

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Our Educational Philosophy

Our students at The Sheffield Private School (TSPS) enter into this stage of their educational journey with ever developing competencies and skills. The High Performance Learning skills and attributes that they have started to develop in FS and Primary become more embedded. At this age, students are developing strong ‘Intellectual confidence’, an ability to effectively ‘Self-regulate their Learning’, can carry out ‘Bigger Picture Thinking’ with more ease, further apply their ‘Critical and Logical Thinking’ skills, and are working with increased ‘Originality’ and with ‘Fluent Thinking’.  Secondary students become accomplished in applying the High Performance Learning skills and attributes that will make them successful and limitless learners for the rest of their lives.   Being part of the Britus Education family we strive to make our curriculum offer both inclusive and enjoyable – the Ultra Curriculum. Our own unique brand of education is centred around excellence with a strong  sense of enrichment and enjoyment embedded throughout the daily experience. As a school we continuously pursue a balance between local and international traditions and developing a forward thinking, innovative approach to learning. We endeavour to provide an experience that inspires our students to be life long learners and support them to become global citizens.

The Culture and Curriculum

The TSPS culture and character is visible the minute you walk through our doors from our friendly staff and students, numerous sporting achievements to the amazing learning that is evident both in the classrooms and as you walk the corridors of our school. The purposeful and positive atmosphere is evident as we are a school very much in the ascendency with ever improving results and happy learners. The Secondary curriculum at TSPS is a planned programme based on the National Curriculum of England, which leads to IGCSE, BTEC Firsts, A Levels and BTEC Nationals. These courses support our students’ development and qualify them for entrance into universities both in the UK and Internationally.

Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge Assessment International approved Centre for iGCSE

The school is an approved Cambridge Examination centre and currently offers a range of iGCSE qualifications to students. Cambridge programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education. They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational research.

More than 10,000 schools are part of our Cambridge learning community that operates in 160 countries across 9 regions: North America, Latin America, UK & Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia & Pacific and Pakistan. We have Cambridge representatives in every region.

Cambridge is a trusted education partner for governments around the world. In some countries, such as Singapore and Mauritius, they support the work of national education authorities to provide national assessments for learners in secondary schools. In other countries, such as Kazakhstan and Bahrain, the Cambridge Partnership for Education works with governments to help them transform their societies through education.

Transition and Pastoral Support

The transition into Secondary school is a big step but rest assured we consider the best way to build on the Primary experience, support and develop our students as they enter the next phase in their learning experience. Our planned Transition Programme builds links between Primary and Secondary so that the students become familiar with the Secondary section of the school, expectations and meet those important adults who will support them such as form tutors and the guidance counsellor.

Key Stage 3

The subjects are:

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 relates to courses studied in Years 10 and 11. Teaching is focused to prepare students for the IGCSE/GCSE examinations at the end of this key stage. Students will pursue seven IGCSE courses. Students

Four subjects are compulsory and will be taken by all students.

English , Mathematics, Physics, Biology

In addition, they will have to choose the remaining four from a range of optional subjects which permits a very large number of possible combinations. The optional subjects offered are Chemistry, Art & Design, Accounting, French, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Physical Education, Media,Travel and Tourism, Arabic First Language, Arabic Second Language, ICT, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, BTEC ICT, and BTEC Business

All students of Year 10 and 11 are also required to study the following Non IGCSE subjects:
Arabic (General / Special), Islamic Studies / PSHE , Physical Education