High Performance Learning

A Sheffield Private School Webinar

Everyone wants a high performing education system, but education systems continue to assume that only a minority of children can reach high levels of educational performance. In 2010, Professor Deborah Eyre published a policy paper for the independent Think Tank Policy Exchange, in which she suggested that evidence from neuro-science and psychology demonstrated conclusively that the brain is exquisitely plastic and we can grow our intelligence. She challenged the system to stop categorising students by ability and instead expect high performance from everyone and systematically build towards it; a system that is structured to provide the conditions that generate high performance and students steered towards this objective. She called this approach High Performance Learning and created a framework based on her lifetime’s academic research on cognition. 

The Sheffield Private School is excited to be a part of the HPL family of schools and is embarking on a journey to be recognized as a HPL High Performing School. This journey is all about learning and all about having the highest expectations for our students.

You are invited to join a webinar discussion with the Founder and Chair of High Performance Learning, Professor Deborah Eyre, in conversation with Mr Mark Whitfield, Education Director at Britus Education. Professor Eyre will discuss High Performance Learning and how this exciting and unique programme will impact on learners at The Sheffield Private School. Britus Education believes in Learning Without Limits, the introduction of High Performance Learning in The Sheffield Private School is an important step in the vision for the school and its learners.

The webinar will take place at 6pm on 23rd July 2020, all are warmly welcomed to attend.

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Call us at +971 4 26784444 to learn more about the webinar, we look forward to giving you the warmest welcome.