Foundation Stage

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chances. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right. Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

At The Sheffield Private School, we follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS Framework explains how and what children in  EYFS will be learning to support their development.

The EYFS seeks to provide:

Quality and consistency in all early years settings, so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind;

A secure foundation through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of each individual child and are assessed and reviewed regularly;

Partnership working between practitioners and with parents and/or carers;

Equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that every child is included and supported.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is based upon four principles:

A Unique Child: developing resilient, capable, confident and self-assured individuals;

Learning and developing: an acknowledgement that children learn in different ways and at different rates;

Enabling environments: where opportunities and experiences respond to the individual needs of the child by developing a strong partnership between practitioners, parents/carers and the child;

Positive relationships: supporting the children in becoming strong and independent.

We at TSPS use this framework and complete an EYFS profile for each child at the end of the academic year in which they reach five. During this stage children work towards ‘Early Learning Goals’. Most children will achieve or be well on their way to achieving the Early Learning Goals by the end of the Foundation Stage.

Play underpins the curriculum provision. Children have the opportunity to play indoors and outdoors on a daily basis. Children play spontaneously, although they will be given adult support when needed. It is through play that the children will develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

Our aim is to ensure that children enjoy their Early Years experiences in the care of well qualified and caring staff. We lay the foundations for the children’s future successes through a stimulating and ‘hands on’ curriculum that is divided into the following areas:

Prime Areas:

  • Physical Development
  • Communication & Language
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Specific Areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design
Planning and Assessment

We encourage a love for learning in the Foundation Stage, by teaching and planning activities around children’s interests and key stories and topics that stimulate curiosity, exploration and understanding. Each child’s growth and development is carefully taken into account when planning, so that individual needs are met. Progress is recorded in a profile that includes a range of anecdotal observations, photographs and samples of work. We highly value the input from parents/caregivers as well.

Enriching the Curriculum

First hand experiences are the best way to enrich learning and make it come alive. Our teachers plan such experiences carefully. It may be a visit to the museum, or the park, shopping mall or visit by a special visitor, such as an author, professional. Students actively participate in themed days, drop down mornings, charity drives and all other school events.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extracurricular enrichment is central to the educational experience offered to students at TSPS, and a core component of the National Curriculum for England. At TSPS students have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and to develop both inside and outside the classroom. Ballet, karate and gymnastics are offered to our FS students as ECAs.

Recording Progress

We use an app called Tapestry which provides an online record of each child’s Learning Journey. This enables us to share with parents the learning of each child as they progress through the year. We focus on the process and sharing the steps the children take to achieving tasks and milestones.

The Learning Environment

The Foundation Stage learning environments are warm, bright and stimulating, encouraging learning through play and the use of focused groups both in and outdoors.

Primary Stage

Primary School

Our Primary phase at The Sheffield Private School consists of Years 1 to 6. Children are eligible to join us in the academic year after they reach age 5. At the age of 11, the majority of our students will graduate into the Secondary phase of The Sheffield Private School. We assess students for entry at the time of admission, but we cater to a wide range of academic abilities and language needs.

Our Educational Philosophy:

At the heart of our educational philosophy is our firm belief, supported by world-class research, that there is no limit to what your child can learn and achieve. The enriched National Curriculum for England, on which we base our teaching, enables your child to reach for those heights.

The high academic standards for which a British education is renowned will ensure that your child has the best start on their educational journey. On entry to the school, we assess all our Primary students to ensure we understand their learning needs and to establish a starting point in their learning journey. During the academic year, we establish further assessment points, to measure student progress against these high standards, using British designed assessments.

Our Primary curriculum provides the perfect springboard for progression into the Senior School and future curriculum programme.

Our teachers are all trained in the understanding that your child is an individual. In the classroom, therefore, we aim to provide a personalised education that meets your child’s individual needs.

Through our academic curriculum and within our broader curriculum, we ensure that your child develops to be curious, determined, creative, and confident in their abilities. By nurturing your child’s interests and talents, we provide opportunities for each and every student to fulfill their potential as 21st Century learners and global citizens.

Our Primary School lays solid foundations for future study and personal growth. It includes leadership, academic and social opportunities that will allow your child to explore their potential and help them to overcome and master areas that may feel more challenging at first, transforming children into confident, inquisitive and self-motivated learners.

Curriculum Overview:

The English National Curriculum is a structured programme of study, that outlines clear learning objectives for each Primary year group. Our curriculum is enhanced and enriched to include the teaching of Arabic and Arabic Studies (to appropriate children) and a broader curriculum that extends beyond the classroom.

In Key Stage 1, which is Years 1 and 2, the teaching approach is a little more formal than in our Early Years programme, with an emphasis on developing sound Literacy and Numeracy skills. We introduce students to Science and Humanities subjects and give them plenty of opportunities to develop their social and emotional needs further.

In Key Stage 2, which is Years 3 to 6, the teaching timetable is more structured with discrete lessons for specialist subjects. Students are encouraged to become more independent learners and creative thinkers in preparation for their Secondary School education.

In both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we acknowledge that children will join the school at different stages in their learning and acquisition of skills and knowledge. Those children who require additional support to catch-up with their peers will receive that both in the classroom, through differentiated work, and through intervention by supporting academic staff.  Students who demonstrate talents and skills in particular curriculum areas will be given opportunities to extend and maximise these.

Strong Pastoral Support:

At the core of good British teaching lies strong pastoral support. Students that feel safe, happy, and supported will excel in their education. At The Sheffield Private School, the strong pastoral and academic support provided by your child’s Primary teachers are the foundation upon which good learning will take place. The safety, security, and happiness of your child is always our priority.

Our Relationship with Parents:

At The Sheffield Private School, we take our role as educators of your child both seriously and professionally, and we recognise the enormous responsibility that our parents have given us. As such, within the Primary School, we are committed to keeping you informed and updated on all issues regarding your child.

The education of your child is a partnership between you as parents, and us as their teachers. We value the relationship we have with you, aiming to actively involve you as part of the Primary School community.

Your child’s Form Teacher is your daily contact person, who is fully committed to keeping you informed of your child’s work and progress at school and is always ready to answer any questions that you may have.

The Teaching Staff

All our academic staff within the Primary School are committed to ensuring that your child is happy, safe, confident, and achieves their best. An experienced international and UK Head Teacher leads the phase supported by dedicated, fully qualified, and experienced international English first language teachers.

All our staff have full police and local authority clearance and are trained in child protection issues, ensuring your child has the safest possible learning environment.

The Primary School staff work collaboratively and closely together. We share best practice between us, ensuring that we utilise the skills, abilities, and experiences within the staff team to the benefit of your child.

Admissions Visits:

For parents who would like to find out more about the Primary phase at The Sheffield Private School, we invite you to visit us. Parents will be offered a guided tour and an opportunity to meet with and talk to our students and staff and our Head of Primary.

The Secondary School (Years 7 to 13)

Our Educational Philosophy

Our students at The Sheffield Private School (TSPS) enter into this stage of their educational journey with ever developing competencies and skills. Being part of the Britus Education family we strive to make our curriculum offer both inclusive and enjoyable – the Ultra Curriculum. Our own unique brand of education is centred around excellence with a strong  sense of enrichment and enjoyment embedded throughout the daily experience. As a school we continuously pursue a balance between local and international traditions and developing a forward thinking, innovative approach to learning. We endeavour to provide an experience that inspires our students to be life long learners and support them to become global citizens.


The Culture and Curriculum

The TSPS culture and character is visible the minute you walk through our doors from our friendly staff and students, numerous sporting achievements to the amazing learning that is evident both in the classrooms and as you walk the corridors of our school. The purposeful and positive atmosphere is evident as we are a school very much in the ascendency with ever improving results and happy learners.

The Secondary curriculum at TSPS is a planned programme based on the National Curriculum of England, which leads to IGCSE, BTEC Firsts, A Levels and BTEC Nationals. These courses support our students’ development and qualify them for entrance into universities both in the UK and Internationally.


Transition and Pastoral Support

The transition into Secondary school is a big step but rest assured we consider the best way to build on the Primary experience, support and develop our students as they enter the next phase in their learning experience. Our planned Transition Programme builds links between Primary and Secondary so that the students become familiar with the Secondary section of the school, expectations and meet those important adults who will support them such as form tutors and the guidance counsellor.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 covers students learning in Years 7, 8 and 9. The curriculum is framed on the lines of the National Curriculum for England. It essentially builds on the learning in Key Stage 2 and provides the foundation for Key Stage 4. There is strong impetus on developing foundation in all key subject areas.

The subjects are:
∙ English
∙ Mathematics
∙ Arabic
∙ Islamic Studies/PSHE
∙ Science
∙ Social studies
∙ ICT/Computer Science
∙ French
∙ Humanities
∙ Expressive Arts

The Personal Enrichment Programme further develops students’ critical thinking, application of subject knowledge and helps them to acquire life skills for the 21st century.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 relates to courses studied in Years 10 and 11. Teaching is focused to prepare students for the IGCSE/GCSE examinations at the end of this key stage. Students will pursue seven IGCSE courses. Students follow flexible pathways which are designed based on the student needs and interest.

Four subjects are compulsory and will be taken by all students.
∙ English
∙ Mathematics
∙ Physics
∙ Biology

In addition, they will have to choose the remaining four from a range of optional subjects which permits a very large number of possible combinations. The optional subjects offered are Chemistry, Art & Design, Accounting, French, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Physical Education, Media,Travel and Tourism, Arabic First Language, Arabic Second Language, ICT, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, BTEC ICT, and BTEC Business

All students of Year 10 and 11 are also required to study the following Non IGCSE subjects: ∙ Arabic (General / Special)
∙ Islamic Studies / PSHE
∙ Physical Education

The Sixth Form Experience

Our students joining our Sixth Form enjoy a wide range of specialised of A Levels and BTECs. We actively encourage our students to play an active role in the TSPS community by supporting younger learners as part of our ever developing student leadership programme. Our Head of Sixth Form, heads of department and our guidance counsellor are on hand to support both our students and parents with specific guidance with determining the optimal post 16 journey. At TSPS we are focused on guiding our students through their post 16 learning experience so that they achieve their very best as we help prepare them for the next stages of their adult lives.


Click here to download a copy of our Sixth Form FAQs



It is important to take into consideration each student’s unique capability and dedicate ourselves towards unlocking their full potential – Inclusively educational. At TSPS in additional to our academic programme we offer an enrichment programme that we actively encourage students to engage with. Our enrichment programme is diverse that we aim to adapt based on our students preferences, talents and the expertise of our talented team. For example our students enjoy the challenge of participating in the Model United Nations, Duke of Edinburgh and enjoy competing in multiple sporting events.


If you are interested in finding out more information about the exciting learning opportunities available and what it means to be a student here then please do contact the school and arrange a visit.