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Investing In Technology

Committed to Innovation

There are clear benefits of using technology in the classroom and at TSPS we are committed to using innovative teaching methods to serve students better and to teach them about the benefits of innovative thinking. Innovation is part of the National Agenda and to support this and our students’ development, we are committed to developing the next generation of innovators.

We understand the importance of technological skills for students that will empower them to thrive in today’s digital age and compete as the leaders of the future. Digital learning is embedded in our curricular and extra-curricular programmes. We also provide cross-curricular integration of technology to support students in communication, collaboration and critical research.

We offer a range of quality and appropriate software and tools for our students. Students learn to be responsible when applying technology to become skilled digital citizens, under the guidance of experienced and specialist educators. Our students become confident users in a range of contexts and are aware of its benefits and associated risks. We encourage our students develop holistically and become familiar with technology and innovation through the thoughtful adoption of technologies to ensure that all our students are ‘future ready’.