The House System

The House System at The Sheffield Private School is an integral part of school life, where four different Houses run through the school from FS all the way to the Sixth Form. The TSPS House names are Curie, Turing, Hemingway and Da Vinci. The four Britus Education school Houses recognise outstanding individuals who made profound contributions to their fields of interest. They serve as inspiration for our students to aspire and achieve at school and to make a positive and lasting impact on their communities, their countries and the world.

The primary focus of the House system is to provide TSPS students with an inclusive annual competition that brings a sense of community to the school, whilst providing students with healthy competition across all areas of the curriculum. Students can achieve TSPS House Points in four different areas; behaviour, effort, curriculum completions and whole school competitions such as our annual Sports Day and Colours Day.

Each year TSPS holds a democratic vote for students from Year 6 and Year 11 to become the new House Captains. The House Captains then join the elected Head Boys and Head Girls to make up the Student Leadership Team. The TSPS Student Leadership Team have been responsible for planning and leading events such as Family Fun Day, Sports Day, Colours Day, Cancer Research Pink Day Walks, redesigning the TSPS House Logos and the TSPS ‘Go Green’ recycle drive.

At the end of the academic year the overall House Champions are presented with the TSPS House Shield. Let’s see who wins this coming year, may the best House win!