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The Ultra Curriculum

Developing Our Students Beyond The classroom

Education is so much more than academics; we also focus on developing our student’s into competent and confident global citizens.

The Britus Education Enrichment Model

The Britus Education ultra-curriculum is education beyond four walls, text books and orthodox learning strategies, measuring the success of students based on their university and career placements, along with high academic results. The curriculum is designed to prepare students as ‘Post 21 st  century learners’ by developing the attitude of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and social reformers, creating high achievers. Based on the values of perseverance, integrity and trust, the ultra-curriculum develops our students into open-minded, self-reflective, confident and continuous learners.

A good school is one where:

A great school is one where:

Britus Education enrichment model (BEEM)

Enrichment leads the development of the students beyond the regular curriculum. It improves parents’ involvement and engagement in school. Enrichment make students feel the sense of belonging to the community and promotes and measures the success of all extracurricular, engagement activities. Enrichment promotes international engagement between schools and global communities, along with the university placement and alumni career support system. Enrichment promotes alumni engagement in terms of scholarship support, internships and student entrepreneurship.

The Britus Education enrichment model (BEEM) is one of the pillars that helps students to achieve the defined success in the ultra-curriculum.